The Lastest Technology on Verruca/Wart Treatment

We are very excited to announce that NOFA Clinic now has the Cryoprobe. We are the first clinic in Northern Ontario to offer this latest technology in treating stubborn and painful verruca/warts and various skin lesion. Safely, effectively, rapidly and painlessly with no down time or anestheisa required.cyroprobe
Cryosurgery, or freezing of tissue, is not new to medicine but the Cryoprobe provides the practioner pinpoint accuracy, depth control and a constant temperature. This mainatence of the constant tempurature is the exciting breakthrough that destroys the verruca cells. Other freezing techniques, could not maintain the tempurature and even though there were cold, they were too cold and then did not stay at the optimal temperature for cell destruction as they rapidly warmed. Verruca can be now treated and resolved in one visit, although a second treatment may be required 4 weeks after the first.
Check out their website for more information on this exciting new technology. cryoprobe