Can Orthotics Make Me Run Faster?

Your running biomechanics are unique to you. No one has your fingerprints, personality, or running style. Running more efficiently with custom orthotics can conserve energy and get you to the finish line faster, but… not everyone needs them.

The November 2008 edition of Triathlete magazine ran an article discussing the benefits of both custom orthotics and an athlete specific tailored gait analysis for those with anatomic variations that can predispose them to injury. In the article, the author explained that not all athletes need these services. But for those with a history of injuries or conditions such as leg-length discrepancies, flat feet or high arches, there can be a great benefit. Custom orthotics can correct the biomechanical problems that lead to injury and over-use of some muscle groups. A gait analysis by an expert in biomechanics who understand your particular sport can make recommendation on shoes, training programs, and alterations in stride that can increase efficiency, lower the chance of injury and lead to faster splits.